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Introduction to buying a good in car camera

Car cameras are an increasingly popular choice for drivers whether it’s to act as evidence in an insurance claim or to catch vandals in the act or even deter them. Our cars are an expensive commodity that many of us can’t live without so spending a few hundred pounds on a camera to protect that investment is a very wise idea.

put a camera in my car

In car cameras are a popular choice for car security, especially if you don’t park your car in the same place every night. With an in car camera you know that the camera will always be with your car and recording

HD Cameras

More often than not, yes, though it’s worth checking the product specification to make sure you’re getting an HD in car camera of 720p, or 1080p for Full HD quality images. If you’re looking for a car camera then chances are it’s for car security so you want to get the best quality images to be used as evidence should the police investigate or you need it for an insurance claim.

camera in front of my car

If you park your car on your driveway or the same spot outside of your property then having a camera pointing at your car is a great idea. You’ll get a good overview of what’s going on with your car and you’re far more likely to catch a vandal on camera. A good quality camera will catch a full view of the car vandal and get their facial features to identify them later. You’ll be able to clearly see them committing the crime so there’s no doubt that they caused the damage.

Cameras help with insurance claims

Absolutely, and more people are resorting to dash cams and in car cameras as a means of providing evidence should an accident happen. Not all accidents are clear cut as to who is at fault, having video evidence can help clear that up and make the claims process quicker. The last you want is your insurance company not being to prove that it wasn’t your fault and the claim ends up going “knock for knock” and you both take part of the blame.

camera in a hot car

In car cameras are designed to work in all conditions but it is always worth checking with the manufacturer. Our in car dash camera can operate in -10–60°C so it shouldn’t have a problem in UK temperatures.

cameras record at night

This is a tricky one because to record at night, as in ‘night vision’, often requires infra-red LEDs which use infra-red light to illuminate the area that only the camera can see. These reflect off of glass, creating bright lens flare & glare that make it impossible for the camera to see beyond the window. This poses a big problem for in car cameras as most of the car is made of glass and requires the camera to be able to see outside of the car. Some cameras will have an effective “low light” mode that boosts the sensitivity, allowing it to record at night without IR. These are the best solution if you need to record through the car’s windows at night.Keep in mind that with low light cameras they may have a lower frame rate which means someone walking past the car could be blurred, unless there’s some street lighting nearby to brighten the picture. If there is no light whatsoever in the area, then you will need to use IR. In these cases then it’s wise to use an external camera mounted to a building nearby. As we pointed out above, you want to capture the car vandal in the act so this will increase your chances of identifying and hopefully convicting them.