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Australian Wholesale Security Services has been in the Security business for more than 18 years. We provide all Security services including Alarm System Monitoring And Installation, complete maintenance service, technical support, intercom, access control, 24/7 alarm & GPRS Monitoring Service Provider In Sydney , partol response to alarm, armed guard and patrol, smoke detector and fire alarm, medical alarm and surveillance system, etc. Australian Wholesale Security Services is unique within the security industry as we can provide our clients with solutions for all of their security needs, from survey to design to costing and then supply, installation and commission. We can offer you an all in one package. We can manage all your monitoring of intruder and CCTV in our highly praised control room based in Sydney. Local operators are dealing with local issues which we believe makes a better understanding of issues As they arise.

Remote Monitoring

Alarm System Installation and Maintenance


We are experts in remote monitoring. We monitor security systems for thousands of sites across the Australia, Offering Rapid Response, Vigilance and complete peace of mind

We are experts in remote monitoring. We monitor security systems for thousands of sites across the Australia, Offering Rapid Response, Vigilance and complete peace of mind

Mobile patrols can provide a cost effective alternative to having a physical security presence outside of business hours.

Why Choose Alarm System Monitoring

Everything we do is fully transparent. You can log on to our system, using YourSightTm, at any time to see what’s going on at your premises and at our remote monitoring station. By combining the records on YourSightTm with the reports we issue you can start to see hidden patterns in security incidents. Are night-shift staff propping open fire doors? Is there a time of night favored by intruders? And what is their preferred route into your site? We go beyond the industry standards here at AWSS and continuously work towards achieving and maintaining accreditation. Find out more about the standards we set. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can provide your site with the high-quality remote CCTV monitoring.

Australian WholeSale Security services for your sector


We don't aim to cover every inch of the site, but instead concentrate on those areas likely to be broken into, supplying enough cameras and outside motion detectors to cover the main gate, site accommodation, fuel bowser, plant equipment etc.

farming and agriculture

Security is incredibly important for farms and other agricultural environments. Video surveillance can help ensure farm operations run smoothly, making certain that consumers receive a safe quality product in the end, while protecting animals, equipment and facilities from harm and misuse.


Each step in the supply chain has different security requirements, with goods needing varying conditions and levels of protection. With remote monitoring your supply chain security will be optimized from end-to-end.


Remote monitoring can improve security and business efficiency for factories. Whether it’s for health and safety purposes or for out-of-hours security, remote monitoring services are the solution.

Security For business

Securing your stock and property is a critical business security requirement. If intruders get onto your premises they can steal or damage thousands of pounds worth of property, severely harming your company. Your offices, factories and warehouses all need to be kept safe and secure, along with your staff and clients.

Residential permises

Keep your property safe with one of our custom-made security systems, designed by us to meet your security needs for residential or industrial premises.


Manufacturing facilities and factories will benefit from the the safety supplied by CCTV cameras. Robbery of raw supplies such as timber, copper as well as precious metals is at an all-time high, and burglars are going after industrial facilities as well as other warehouse facilities with greater frequency.

Motor vehicle

We offer a selection of mobile video cameras, DVRs, monitors, GPS tracking devices and accessories, suitable for a range of in-car security and surveillance applications, from managing safety to improving vehicle performance.