Onsite monitoring is the use of physical security guards to secure business facilities and other areas. This kind of security guard service is often necessary if your facility requires visits from customers who would need access to a secure area. In addition, security guards can be used to prevent potential thieves from entering your facility, or to halt an intrusion that is in progress. Security guards’ main objectives are to act as deterrents to crime, to watch for impending danger, and report crimes that may occur. The responsibility of a security guard is the prevention of an incident before it occurs, whenever possible. Onsite security guard services are an important, complementary addition to a technological security system. Security guards offer rapid response to alerts from intrusion alarms, assist employees and guests with access control systems, and can watch the feeds from a CCTV installation. AWSS can, of course, help you plan and implement a holistic security solution for your home or business that includes all of these elements. AWSS Security Services offers armed and unarmed security guards for your specific needs, and these guards can be provided on a temporary or permanent basis. Contact AWSS today in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne so that we can start protecting you and your business. There are numerous options to choose from for your security guard needs: Uniformed Guards Plain Clothed Guards Unarmed Guards Armed Guards Executive Protection Specialists Event Security (Uniformed or Suited)